offers a complete, clear and concise overview of the Buddha’s wisdom for beginners and experienced meditators

given by Pip Ransome, authorised to teach meditation and the Buddha’s Teachings by highly-respected Buddhist nun the late Venerable Ayya Khema. There is an end to suffering. The Buddha-Dhamma shows us how to reach it.

In 2024, Pip is joined by Jacqui Winstanley to teach the Dhamma. Jacqui shares her wisdom and experience with generosity and freshness that are grounded in reality. Jacqui’s insight has developed over 30 years of practicing and teaching meditation, mindfulness and yoga.

With 30 years experience giving retreats and courses in Victoria and interstate

buddhatalk teachers aim to be clear, concise, provide a complete picture and give you the Buddha’s top quality fishing rod – the Noble 8-fold Path – so you can fish for yourselves. Wisdom, Enlightenment – the end of suffering – comes only through the understood experience. Experience comes only from practice. The resources below give you all you need to make a solid start on the Path.

The resources include books, an 8-part introductory audio series ‘Journey to Tranquility – an overview of the Buddha’s Teachings’, audio recordings of Ongoing Insight Group sessions, two audio series from retreats given in Australia by Venerable Ayya Khema, guided relaxations and loving-kindness meditations and more.

Current offerings are:

  • Journey to Tranquility introductory courses
  • The Ongoing Insight Group, open to those who have completed an introductory course
  • Weekend and one-day retreats
  • Casual meditation sessions
  • A Weekly Meditation and Mindfulness Group
  • Online Sangha Sharing

Current courses


Mondays 11:30am – 1:30pm

April 22nd – June 17th, 2024


Offered by Jacqui Winstanley

Journey to Tranquility:

Buddha’s Teachings

This course will provide you with strategies for nurturing your mind, drawn from the Buddha’s teachings. Together we’ll practise five main methods:

  • Relaxation, to ease the body
  • Loving-kindness, to open the heart
  • Meditation, to rest and calm the mind
  • Mindfulness, to clear the mind, and
  • Contemplation, to explore where we belong in our fascinating universe

Practising these will bring you to an ease-full place where life flows more smoothly. The course will suit both beginners and experienced meditators.

Thank you Pip for all your wonderful resources and teachings. I feel I’m on the way home ever since I attended your first class. TM

You inspire me to practice. JO’S

I feel I have finally started on the right path. WB

Buddha’s Teachings:

Ongoing Insight

After completing the Journey To Tranquility course, continue and deepen your practice with like-minded friends. Together we meditate, practise mindfulness, contemplate and share our latest discoveries on the way to seeing things clearly. It’s an exhilarating journey!

This is an ongoing group for people aged 55 and over, weekly except for school holidays. Full course notes will be provided.

It was another marvellous term with many opportunities to gain new insights. Thank you for your generosity and wisdom. I’m looking forward to next term OC

You’ve given me a lot to consider, digest and benefit from BK


Wednesdays 11:30am – 1:30pm

During school terms.

Via the Zoom platform. 

Open to those 55+ who have completed the Journey to Tranquility course.

Offered by Pip Ransome


One-day retreats

Saturday June 22nd & Saturday July 27th, 2024

Balnarring, Victoria

Weekend Retreat

Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th November

Face to face. Open to adults 18+

Balnarring, Victoria


Meditation retreats are a wonderful way to extend and deepen your meditation and contemplation.
Enjoy daily Dhamma talks, sustained practice and nutritious food with like-minded friends.

  • Weekend and one-day retreats 
  • In-person

For more information / bookings: email

Weekly Meditation Group, Balnarring

We now have a weekly meditation group at Balnarring Hall (enter via side door near kindergarten) 

Tuesdays 1:30pm – 3pm during school terms.

Face to face.

Open to adults 18+

Gold coin donation

Offered by Jacqui Winstanley

To register, please email

With thanks to Balnarring Community Hub for hosting our sessions


Casual Meditation Group Sessions, Somers


2nd Saturday of each month, during school terms

10:30am – 12pm

Coolart Homestead and Gardens, Lord Somers Camp Road, Somers

Bring your own outdoor chair and cushion

To register, and for updates please email


Monthly Sangha Sharing, Online

3rd Sunday of each month (April 21st, May 19th, June 16th)


Online via zoom

For more information / the zoom link, please email


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30 Mindfulness and Meditation Tools

30 Mindfulness and Meditation Tools: a Handbook –

30 Mindfulness and Meditation Tools PDF

On the Way Home to true and lasting happiness: an overview of the Buddha’s Teachings

On the Way Home to true and lasting happiness: an overview of the Buddha’s Teachings –

On the Way Home PDF

Journey to Tranquility course audio files

Journey to Tranquility session 1
Journey to Tranquility session 2
Journey to Tranquility session 3
Journey to Tranquility session 4
Journey to Tranquility session 5
Journey to Tranquility session 6
Journey to Tranquility session 7
Journey to Tranquility session 8

Buddha’s Teachings:
ongoing insight group audio files

Mahasatipatthana Sutta
Mahasatipatthana Sutta. 4 Foundations of Mindfulness Intro. 10.8.22
Mahasatipatthana Sutta.1st Foundation Mindfulness of Breathing 24.8.22
Mahasatipatthana Sutta. Mindfulness of the 4 Postures.31.8.22
Mahasatipatthana Sutta.Clear Awareness. 7.9.22
Mahasatipatthana Sutta.Clear Awareness cont. 14.9.22
Mahasatipatthana Sutta. Mindfulness of parts if the body 12.10.22
Mahasatipatthana Sutta. Parts of the body cont.19.10.22
Ongoing Insight Group. 26.10.22
Mahasatipatthana Sutta. Mindfulness of the 4 Elements.2.11.22
Ongoing Insight Group. 16.11.22
Mahasatipatthana Sutta. 2ndFoundation Mindfulness of Feelings 23.11.22
Mahasatipatthana Sutta. 3rd Foundation Mindfulness of Mind States. 7.12.22
Ayya Khema on Mindfulness 22.3.23
Ayya Khema on Mindfulness cont.29.3.23
Ayya Khema on Mindfulness cont. 5.4.23
Ayya Khema Mindfulness of mind objects. 3.5.23
Ayya Khema on Mindfulness of Perception.10.5.23
Ayya Khema on Mindfulness of labelling as perception. 17.5.23
Ayya Khema. Life & loving kindness. 24.5.23


Intro – The 3 Refuges

5 mins – Mindfulness to settle, comments/Q&A

30 mins- Meditation 

Dhamma Talk


Guided loving-kindness meditations

Pip's Growing loving kindness
Pip's Garden in the heart
Pip's The sun in our hearts
Pip's Ocean of love
Bev's loving-kindness meditation. Insight Group, 2.2.22
Elizabeth's loving-kindness meditation. Insight Group, 9.2.22
Janet's loving-kindness meditation. Insight Group, 16.2.22
Melissa's loving-kindness meditation. Insight Group, 23.2.22
Anita's loving-kindness meditation. Insight Group, 9.3.22
Oliver's loving-kindness meditation. Insight Group, 30.3.22
Marek's loving-kindness meditation. Insight Group 6.4.22
Wendy's loving-kindness meditation. Insight Group, 27.7.22
Janet's loving-kindness meditation. Insight Group, 3.8.22
Stasha's loving-kindness meditation. Insight Group. 24.8.22
Anne's loving-kindness meditation. 31.8.22
Bev's loving-kindness meditation. Insight Group 7.9.22
Marek's loving-kindness meditation. Insight Group 12.10.22
Olivers Loving-kindness meditation. Insight Group 26.10.22
Wendy's loving-kindness meditation. Ongoing Insight Group. 9.11.22
Janet's loving-kindness meditation. Insight Group 16.11.22
Melissa'a loving-kindness meditation. Insight Group 23.11.22
Wendy's Loving-kindness meditation. Insight Group. 5.4.23
Bev's loving-kindness meditation. Insight Groupn3.5.23
Oliver's loving-kindness meditation. 17.5.23
Stasha's loving-kindness meditation. Insight Group 24.5.23

Tranquility and mindfulness meditations, relaxation

Track 1 - Tranquility Meditation 15mins
Track 2 - Tranquility Meditation 20mins
Track 3 - Mindfulness meditation
Track 4 - Relaxation
tranquility Meditation 15 mins

Ayya Khema - Brisbane Retreat

Dharma in Germany - Overview of the Dharma
Loving Kindness Meditation, The Flower Garden
Seven Factors of Enlightenment - Mindfulness of the Body (Part 1)
Contemplation of the Four Great Elements
Mindfulness of the Body (Part 2) Not me, no owner
Parts of the body contemplation
Mindfulness of the Body (Part 3) - Impermanence, sense contact, death
The Five Hindrances
Contemplation on Karma
Mindfulness of feelings and emotions
Mindfulness of moods, Dukkha for practice
Contemplation on Dukkha
Question and Answers
Food reflection
Will power, clear comprehension, first jhana
Second and third jhanas
Insights and purifications through jhanas
Questions and Answers
Fourth jhana
The formless jhanas

Ayya Khema - Wat Buddha Dhamma Retreat

Loving Kindness Meditation (Lotus)
Dependent Arising: Rebirth consciousness every morning
Mind and Body
Dependent Arising: The six senses and their pitfalls
Sense contact, feeling, craving, clinging, becoming, birth, death
Loving kindness meditation (Best friend)
The benefits of the sweeping technique of meditation, purification,
Transcendental dependant arising (1. Dukkha)
Walking meditation with primary elements (2. Faith and confidence)
Cultivating the heart of quality
Compassion, sympathetic joy, equanimity
Transcendental dependant arising (3. Joy)
The full sweep meditation technique
Explanation of the technique - 11B
Explanation of the technique - 11C
Explanation of the technique - 11D
Initial Application vs sloth and torpor - 12A
Initial Application vs sloth and torpor - 12B
Sustained application
Second step of insight
Third and fourth meditative absorptions
Third and fourth steps of insight
Loving kindness meditation (Seed of enlightenment)
Fifth and sixth meditative absorptions
Insights arising out of fifth and sixth meditative absorptions
The seventh and eighth jhana
The ten fetters
Precepts and refuge explained
Precepts and refuge taken
Dhama in daily life
Loving kindness meditation (Sharing of merits)